How Firefighters Can Make Your Job Safer

Looking around your work site in the factory, you want to be safe everyday. However, are there enough safety measures in place to protect you in the event of a fire? Working with combustible materials means you risk explosions every day, and it can be very stressful if there are no fire sprinkler systems or fire prevention measures overhead or nearby. To be safe on the job, you may want to discuss these measures with your employer or have the nearest fire department examine the factory for fire hazards.

Firefighters Note What It Would Take to Extinguish a Fire

Having the fire department examine your combustible materials work station may be nerve-wracking, but it would at least ensure that more safety measures are in place. They would check the flammability and combustibility of the materials and then recommend to your boss what should be present to prevent serious harm or dangerous explosions. By law, there should always be fire sprinkler systems in factories and industrial settings where large numbers of people might not be able to evacuate quickly. If your company does not have a sprinkler system, the fire department would enforce the law and allow your company some time to install a system.

Additionally, the firefighters would look for extinguishers and make sure they are the correct type for the potential fires that could break out in your work area. The last thing you want is a fire extinguisher that only puts out electrical fires rather than extinguishing every possible cause of fire. Depending on the types of chemical compounds present, the firefighters may also require special extinguishers for unusual circumstances be posted as well.

Limited Time Under the Law

Once the fire department has completed their investigative tour of your work facility, your company and your boss have only so many days to comply with the list of things that the firefighters found wrong with the factory. The number of days varies from state to state, and there are no exceptions, even when a complete fire sprinkler system needs to be installed. When the work is complete, the firefighters return to make sure everything is up to code and you can continue to work in a very dangerous job, but with many more safety features about to protect you and your fellow employees.

Others That May Have a Hand In Your Work Safety

Along with the firefighters, building inspectors may play a part in your work safety. Investigators from OSHA may also visit to ensure that a factory where combustible materials exist is providing safety features for its employees. The business owner and your boss have to keep you safe as well, but it is the firefighters, building inspectors and OSHA representatives that will make sure everyone else is doing what they should.