Compact PLCs: The Benefits Of Automation Withing The Confines Of Limited Space

Sometimes moving your small business from manual manufacturing to automation is not as easy as it seems. The biggest problem you encounter is limited space. If you still want your business to be partially automated, a compact PLC (or programmable logic controller) may be exactly what you need. There are several benefits to compact PLCs.

Filling Smaller Spaces

Compact PLCs are no bigger than the biggest laptop computer. With their remote connections, you can program your system to do whatever you want and need it to do without taking up the same amount of space that two or three desktop computers use. With more room, you can automate more of your industrial and manufacturing business in the same building space.

Different OS, but Same Software

Because of their compact size, these PLCs rely on different operating systems than their expanded and larger cousins. However, they operate some of the same software and integrate well with Windows' programs. Galileo is one of the most preferred and often used pieces of software with these compact PLCs.

All Ports Are Easy to Reach and See

Unlike the larger PLCs, compact PLCs sport all of the necessary ports for your automation communications right up front. From your ethernet to a single SD slot, you can add, remove or switch lines just standing in front of your PLCs. You never have to make room to disassemble your PLCs or detach it from the rest of the automation system in order to repair it or switch ports and plug-ins.

Multiple Models and Options

Many compact PLCs are about the same size, but there are multiple models to choose from to accommodate the tasks associated with different industries. For example, Eaton PLCs offer five different models of their compact version, each with more features than the one before. Three of these models have special technology offered by a premium business cabling company. PLCs from other manufacturers offer similar features and connectivity solutions.

As Your Business Grows

Compact PLCs have the capacity to handle automation for larger industries as well. As your business grows, you can keep the compacts and continue to add this type of PLC to meet your industry's needs, or substitute with standard-sized PLCs when you find that you have more room or need much, much more data storage and control over your systems. Their size and their flexibility is what makes compact PLCs popular. They make the transition from small business to medium business and beyond easier. If you're looking for sites that can give you more information about PLCs, you can try these out.