Four Tips To Help Find The Most Valuable Metals To Sell For Scrap

With the prices of metals going up, finding and selling scrap metal can be a great way to make extra money. There are many different metals that you can recycle, but some will get you more cash at the scrap yard. Metals like aluminum, copper and brass are common scraps and worth more than steel. You can also get gold from electronic scraps for more cash. Here are some tips to help you find the most valuable metals to recycle:

1. Automotive And Construction Materials That Contain Aluminum

Automotive parts can contain aluminum and alloys that are very valuable. If you have transmissions and motors to compact cars, they are likely aluminum. In addition, you can also get platinum from catalytic converters. Construction materials often contain aluminum in metal siding, gutters and some structural elements like screen porches and awnings.

2. Household Appliances And Scrap Copper In Motors And Connections

Household appliances are another great place to find valuable metals. These materials often have electric motors that contain a lot of copper.  The copper can be removed and sold at the market price. Sometimes you can also find brass fittings and copper wiring, as well as tubing that can be a valuable if removed and sold separately from the ferrous metals of the appliance.

3. Parts For Plumbing And Piping With Brass Fittings And Copper Hoses

Plumbing and other piping often has various different fittings. These parts can be valuable if separated. There are also materials such as copper hoses that can be found in things like old AC units, water lines and machine parts. These materials are valuable and can be sold separately to get the most for the materials you recycle.

4. Valuable Metals That Can Be Taken Out Of Used Electronics 

Old electronics also contain many valuable metals in them. The wiring can be stripped to sell any copper. Circuit boards also contain gold, which can be extracted using an acid solution. It will take a lot of electronics to get a substantial amount of gold, but these materials are easy to find and get processed for the gold. The downside is that the process of extracting the gold can be labor intensive and dangerous.

These are some tips to help you find the most valuable metals to recycle. If you need help recycling your metal, contact a metal recycling center to find out current prices and the types of metals they except. For more information go to a site like