The Differences Between A Driveline Rebuild And A Drivetrain Rebuild And Why They Matter

If you have just been accepted as an unpaid intern to work on an automotive assembly line, and you have little to no experience in this field, you may encounter production issues (such as faulty parts that need to be rebuilt). One of these faulty parts or systems you may see is the driveline system. While it sounds similar to a drivetrain system, they are related but actually different. So that you do not get them confused and possibly lose your internship, here are the differences between these two systems and why it should matter to you in your line of work.

The Drivetrain

The drivetrain includes the engine, differential, driveline, the wheels and the steering column, as well as the drive shaft and the universal joint. It is a larger system that encompasses and includes the driveline, which is actually just a part or two that connects the rest of the drivetrain components together. If your supervisor on the assembly line says that several cars need their entire drivetrains replaced and/or rebuilt, you know that you will have a very long and grueling work week ahead of you (possibly more than one week depending on the number of cars that were affected by this manufacturing error).

The Driveline

The driveline is often just the drive shaft and the universal joint. The drive shaft connects to the engine which gives it the power it needs to turn and turn faster as the gas pedal is applied. The universal joint connects the drive shaft to the axles so that when the drive shaft begins to rotate, it turns in the joint which moves the axles and then the wheels. If any of these few components in the driveline are faulty, the wheels will not turn, nor will they receive enough power to propel the vehicle forward. Thankfully, if your boss says the problems in a few cars are only in the driveline, it usually is a quick and easy fix, since you will not have to take the entire drivetrain apart or rebuild it to fix issues with the driveline.

Why These Differences Matter in Your Work

Because you are working as an intern and learning the ins and outs of car construction, you want to get the construction right the first time. Failing to get the driveline and drivetrain installed correctly and with parts that are not faulty means that you may see the same car or cars a second time through the line for repairs and/or rebuilds. In the event that any of the poorly constructed or faulty vehicles leave the factory, they could cost people their lives or cause serious injuries. That is why it is important as an intern with little experience to learn about these things and pay close attention to the details while you learn to build vehicles. Contact a company like Billings Machine & Welding Shop Inc for more information.