4 Tips On Vacuum Pump Maintenance And Repair

Many industrial and manufacturing components hinge upon the health of the vacuum pump found inside. These pumps manipulate the air in order to create the vacuum process, allowing the equipment to do work efficiently. If you have equipment that relies on vacuum pumps, you will need to adhere to some maintenance tips that will allow you to keep them running smoothly. Read below and exercise these vacuum pump maintenance guidelines to the best of your ability. 

Maintenance Tip #1: Stay On Top Of Your Oil Changes

The oil that you use inside of your vacuum pump will be critical in helping you to get the utmost performance. This fluid lubricates the parts and makes sure that you're not dealing with an abundance of friction which can be debilitating to the pump. For best results, you should look into having this oil changed every 3000 hours of use or so, or every four months, whichever comes first. This will prevent having your oil become contaminated, burnt out and not useful anymore.

Maintenance Tip #2: Remove And Prevent All Blockages

To make sure that your system remains useful, be vigilant about preventing blockages. When you allow your outlet to be blocked, you will deal with an overabundance of pressure which can wear down your system for the long run. You can also get rid of potential blockage inducing vapors by employing an inlet cold trap, which will get rid of these vapors.

Maintenance Tip #3: Keep The System From Overheating

Overheating is a cardinal sin when it comes to your vacuum pump. To prevent overheating, you will need to allow the pump to continuously receive streams of air. This means setting up the pump in a place that has plenty of airflow and keeping your fan and vents in the best condition. Otherwise, you will allow the oil in the vacuum pump to overheat prematurely.

Maintenance Tip #4: Invest In A Preventative Maintenance Plan

To receive long-term success with your vacuum pumps, invest in a preventative maintenance plan. There are many industrial and manufacturing repair contractors who can help you out in this regard. They will be able to come out to your property on a regular basis to visually inspect and repair your vacuum pumps whenever necessary. This pays large dividends throughout the course of your entire business by allowing you to keep your most critical equipment in the best condition.

 Follow these four points and your vacuum pumps will remain in great condition. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from JMI.