Tips For Choosing Between Plasma And Laser Cutting For Your Metal Fab Applications

In the business of making precision metal parts, the machinery and methods you use to cut is vital for producing the highest quality. Considering the differences between laser and plasma cutting is important for having the cutting technology and techniques to manufacture parts your customers will be happy with. Check out these tips for helping you make the right choices about laser and plasma cutters for your precision metal fabrication shop.

What Is The Difference Between Laser And Plasma Cutters?

A laser cutter uses beams of light to cut while a plasma cutter uses gases and an electrical spark to cut. Laser cutters are thermal cutters because the light they use generates heat through focused light beams. Plasma cutters use an arc at a high temperature to cut through metal while gases like nitrogen and argon evaporate the kerf, the metal the plasma arc is melting. Considering these differences and how they will impact your application is vital for producing parts you can count on for being the highest quality.

Plasma Cutters And Flat Sheet Metal

Plasma cutters are best for cutting through flat sheet metal, especially pieces that are thick. Another benefit of using plasma cutters is that they are capable of cutting through any type of metal, making your particular production needs easier to manage if you make parts out of different metals. Various metals have different melting points, and plasma cutters can handle most of these high temperatures required for the most effective cutting results. Plasma cutters are not ideal for cutting parts that have difficult access because the torch head is too big.

Looking At Laser Cutters For Precision Cutting

When it comes to producing small parts, a laser cutter is the way to go. Laser cutters are capable of targeting hard-to-reach places, making it easier to manufacture small parts with tiny cut-outs. Laser cutters are great for ablation, welding and engraving. When it comes to manufacturing parts for use in car or machinery, the laser cutter is an excellent choice.

Your metal fabrication business depends on the production of parts that will work well for your customers. Your business also depends on producing parts in a timely fashion. If your customers come to know they can depend on you for getting the parts they need, when they need them, you have greater chances of keeping loyal customers and getting new ones. If you are trying to decide on the addition of a plasma or laser cutter to your fab shop, always take the time to consider your specific needs before making a final choice.