Forklift Batteries: An Informational Guide For Industrial Forklift Users

Whether your business is large or small scale, if there is any type of warehousing or transporting merchandise involved, it is highly likely that you greatly rely on the forklifts that you have on the premises. When you are having issues with your forklift, there could be many different issues at hand, but the number one thing to be considered as the likely culprit is the battery or power supply. The last thing you need is problems with forklift batteries inhibiting your daily work flow, so it is a good idea to get to know a little about the batteries used to power these industrial machines. Here are a few facts about forklift batteries that could be of great help to you if you are seeing signs of problems. 

Forklift batteries lose charge as they age and do need to be replaced every so often. 

Forklift batteries rarely just stop working all at once unless there is something mechanically wrong. In most cases, there is a slow decline in how much charge the battery will hold and how long it will hold it. If the battery of your forklift has been growing worse about holding charge for several months, it is a good indication that the battery is only failing due to age. 

Even new forklift batteries can have problems if not properly used and maintained. 

Operating the forklift when the battery is at a high temperature, improper watering, and charging the forklift battery incorrectly are all examples of things that can cause even a new battery to fail. If you continuously have issues with new batteries, it is time to examine what outside factors could be causing the failure and make sure employees are properly trained in forklift battery maintenance and charging.

Poor contact between the battery and connectors is a common issue. 

There are many reasons why a battery may be failing but perhaps the most common is problems with the actual connectors on the battery and not the battery itself. Corrosion around the connectors will inhibit the flow of electrical charge from the battery to the wiring, so make sure the connectors are cleaned by using a small wire brush and gloved hands to clear any debris you find. If there is damage to the connectors, even in the slightest, not only can this cause issues with the forklift battery holding charge, the connectors should be replaced right away to prevent completely damaging the battery.

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