3 Types Of Industrial Containers For Everyday Use

Whether you're working on a farm or in a small workshop, having the right industrial containers helps you get items, like produce or dust, packed away and moved to where they need to go. 

Round Plastic Pails

For storing grains, apples, and other types of produce, round plastic pails are the go-to solution. They fit into smaller workshops and on factory floors, so things like sawdust, small parts, or even liquids can be put into them when necessary. Round plastic pails don't have to have a lid, but those that do have lids that snap into place, so spills are less likely when you move it. Plastic pails come in many sizes, and larger versions, called plastic drums, can be used to store and ship materials such as gasoline, oil, or water. 

EZ Store Pails

If you have an orchard or facility that has a large amount of items to store, EZ store pails can help. These pails have pop-off lids that can be pressed and locked into place. They have carrying handles, so they're easy to move. On top of that, they come in a number of sizes ranging from a gallon to five gallons or more, so you can decide how much to store in each pail. The difference with an EZ pail is that it comes in a square shape. This makes it easier to stack pails and to fit them into limited storage space. 

Glass Jars

While glass jars don't typically hold over 10 gallons of product, they can be beneficial for companies that create jams, peanut butter, or other sauces. They have screw-on caps that may or may not have a seal underneath. These jars come in packs of 12 or more, so factories and manufacturers can purchase them in bulk. On top of that, they come in a number of shapes and sizes, from hexagons to squares or cylinders. Glass withstands heat, which is why these jars are best for products that are warm or heated when they fill the jar itself. The glass allows the product to cool slowly and prevents heat from escaping too rapidly. 

Whether you're looking for a storage solution or want to make sure to collect a certain quantity of apples from an orchard, these industrial containers help you get the job done. Glass, plastic, and other materials are all available depending on the needs of your manufacturing process. For more information, contact local professionals like Al's Seattle Barrel Co.