Run A Marine Operation? Why You Should Switch To Urethane Rollers

If you run a marine operation, and you rely on rollers to pull boats out of the water, you need to make sure you choose the right rollers. Using the wrong ones can cause serious problems for your marine operations. Many marine operations utilize rubber rollers, which aren't always good for boats. If you're still using rubber rollers for your marine operations, here are four reasons why you should switch to urethane rollers as soon as possible. 

Won't Break Apart Under Extreme Pressure

Pulling a boat out of the water is no easy feat. It requires a great deal of pressure and strength, which is why you need to be using the right rollers. If you're using the wrong rollers to pull your boats out of the water, those could be at risk for rupture or breakage. This is especially true if you're using ordinary rubber ones. That's where urethane rollers come into the picture. Urethane rollers are stronger and more durable than ordinary rubber rollers. That means they can pull boats out of the water without the risk of rupture or breakage.  

Won't Rot When Exposed to Moisture

If you're using ordinary rubber rollers for your marine operations, you need to worry about water and moisture rot. Ordinary rubber can rot when exposed to water or moisture, especially when the exposure is constant. If you're running a marina, your rubber rollers are constantly exposed to water. They may even be exposed to chemicals, which can also harm your rollers. You won't have those problems when you choose urethane rollers. That's because urethane rollers won't rot when exposed to water, moisture, or chemicals. 

Won't Scratch or Damage Surfaces

If you're worried about surface damage caused by your marine rollers, it's time to switch to urethane rollers. Because rubber rollers do deteriorate and decay, they can leave scratches on the surface of your boats. Unfortunately, boat scratches can be costly to repair, which is why you should be using urethane rollers. One of the great things about urethane rollers is that they won't scratch or damage the exterior finish of your boats. 

Won't Leave Black Marks

If you've discovered unusual black marks on the surface of your boats, those rubber rollers could be the culprits. As rubber rollers move across the surface of your boats, they can leave black marks, almost like skid marks. Those marks can take away from the aesthetic appearance of your boats. Not only that, the marks can be difficult to remove. To avoid the black marks, switch to urethane rollers. Because urethane rollers aren't manufactured from rubber, you won't get the marks on your boats. 

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